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Added On November 9, 2011
Eugen Sandow - The Only Steroid Free Bodybuilder In The World

by Rusi
Bodybuilding has come to a stage where more and more people are turning their heads when they see some of the so-called Mr. Olympias. They look at them as freaks rather than men with perfect bodies...Why?

The number of chemicals required to attain that kind of physique just turns people off. Also the consequences from drug abuse seem dangerous to most and for a good reason. You might disagree with me but unless the
old school ideals come back bodybuilding is not looking at a bright future because the sport is not just about getting bigger it's about being the best you can be.
I have no idea what professional bodybuilders are using but sure as hell the amount of drugs has increased tremendously over the last decades. You don't have to be that smart to see the difference. The most famous bodybuilder, Arnold  Schwarzenegger was around 6'2 tall and weighted 235 pounds for competitions. Jay Cutler represents the younger generation and weights 275 pounds at 5'9. See the difference? And don't tell me that Cutlers trains harder than Arnold. No way.

"Ok. Bro. But Arnie used roids too."

Yes, he did but today's pros use much more than roids - growth hormone, insulin...and the list goes on. That's why they are so big. It's not their diet. It's not their training. It's all about drugs. The only famous bodybilder who did no use drugs is accidentally the first one - Eugen Sandow.

"Bro, who is Eugen Sandow?"

Eugen Sandow (April 2, 1867 - October 14, 1925), born Friedrich Wilhelm Muller, was a Prussian pioneering bodybuilder in the 19th century and is often referred to as the "Father of Modern Bodybuilding". He devised the first major body-building contest, which was held at the Royal Albert Hall in 1901.

Mr Sandow's name lives on in the Sandow trophy awarded to the winner of Mr Olympia, the world's foremost body-building contest.

Even before he arrived in London in the 1880s, Mr Sandow was famous thanks to his legendary music hall performances, world tours and constant self-promotion.

He was born in Friedrich Wilhelm Muller in the region of Konigsberg in East Prussia, although later research show his origins may have been in the remote borderlands of Poland.
He left in 1895 to avoid military service and in 1889 he made his first appearance on a London stage.

He was a huge success and wowed audiences with feats such as his finale act, 'Tomb of Hercules', in which he balanced a board on his shoulders carrying not only weights but also his manager. His celebrity was enhanced by Henry Van der Weyde's studio photographs of him in a variety of poses, the most memorable of which captured him clad only in a fig leaf.

Florenz Ziegfeld knew that Maurice Grau had Sandow under a contract. Ziegfeld wanted to display Sandow at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Grau wanted $1,000 a week. Ziegfeld could not guarantee $1,000 a week but agreed to paying 10 per cent of the gross receipts.

Ziegfeld found that the audience was more fascinated by Sandow's bulging muscles than by the amount of weight he was lifting, so Ziegfeld had Sandow perform poses which he dubbed "muscle display performances"... and the legendary strongman added these displays in addition to performing his feats of strength with barbells. He added chain-around-the-chest breaking and other colorful displays to Sandow's routine. Sandow quickly became Ziegfeld's first star.

"Cool bro. Do you have some information on his diet and stats?"

Sandow's on his diet: "I do not care for anything intoxicating (hard liquor), but do enjoy a beer or some wine on occasion. I never touch tea or coffee. I eat "plain", wholesome food for the most part, but do "indulge" on occasion. I have my meals at regular intervals, and prefer simple foods that are easy to digest. I chew my food well and believe strongly that mastication is a key to good health. I believe a good nights sleep is very important in maintaining health. I am not able, due to my performance schedule, to go to bed before midnight, so I remain in bed asleep until 11 typically."


Year round I take cold baths, and afterwards, I do a light-weight dumbell routine. I then have breakfast, then attend to my correspondence. I then enjoy seeing my friends. After this, I typically go for a long walk or if it is not sunny, I will take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. I have my dinner promptly at 7 p.m., then attend my evening performance. After appearing at the theatre, I will have my evening cold bath, followed by a late night supper.


Height: 67.7 inches (5'7 1/2")

Weight: 180 pounds
Right wrist: 7.3

Left wrist: 7.1
Right forearm: 13.4
Left forearm: 13.0
Right biceps: 16.9
Left biceps: 16.1
Neck: 15.5
Shoulders: 20.3
Chest, normal: 44.1
Chest, expanded: 46.9
Waist: 32.7
Hips: 38.0
Right thigh: 23.2
Left thigh: 22.8
Right calf: 15.4
Left calf: 15.6

"What? Bro........those are some weak measurements? Give me a break."

First, check the title of the article. Second those are the measurements of a man who was born more than 100 years ago. I assure you that there were no Ronnie Coleman like bodies in 1900.

"Ok. but I want to be bigger than that."

Don't worry you will be. Remember to keep it honest and don't bother with drugs for the sake of being big. Be the best you can be naturally and forget the rest.

Fuck Steroids.
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