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Improve Your Push-up Numbers Using The NASA Push-up Program

by Rusi
Added On August 30, 2011
The NASA push-up program is one of the many ways to add power to your push-ups and smoke the physical tests at school. The program is simple yet demanding so make sure you don't do other pressing movements for the upper body because you won't have enough time to recover.
Step 1: Test you max number of push-ups and divide it by two. This number will be your initial working set. For example if you can do 4 push-ups your working set will be 2 push-ups. If your max is something crazy like 50 reps rest 1-2 days after testing it in order to be fresh for the beginning of the program.

Step2: Perform your working set every hour - up to 10 hours a day. So if your working set is two reps you just do two reps every hour. In case the conditions around you were not so perfect and you weren't able to perform your push-ups set don't overthink it and just make sure you don't skip the next hour. Add one 1 rep to each set every day. After some time you will stall. Then move to Step3.

Step3: At this point the program becomes more demanding. First reduce the reps of each set by 4-8 reps depending on your abilities. For example if you got your working set from 2 to 8 reduce it by 4 reps or so. However if your working set is 30 4 reps are not enouth - cut it by 8 reps or so.  At the same time decrease the time between sets from 1 hour to 55 minutes. Each day cut 5 minutes between the sets.  At some point you won't be able to finish your working set. Move to Step4.

Take 1-2 days off and test your max. 
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