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Tim Ferriss And His Scam

by Vladi
Recently I found a very insulting article written by a guy named Tim Ferriss. The guy turn out to be famous for writing two books - 4 Hour Work Week and 4 Hour Body. I haven't read either and I won't discuss his books in this article. However I simply couldn't stand his misleading and far from the truth body transformation presented here: From Geek To Freak. (more like from liar to bigger liar)

The guy claims he gained 34 pounds of muscle and lost 3 pounds of fat all in 28 days. Unless you are very new to training you shouldn't fall for this. It's not physically possible to gain that much muscle in 28 days unless you are using sport technology drugs and what not. Otherwise the human body simply cannot do it the very same way we can't fly or run as fast cheetahs. It's just the way it is.

What made me quite angry were the fake before and after photos of Tim Ferriss. As you can see in the before photos Ferriss is far away from the camera while on the after photos he is shaved and closer to the cameras. This makes him look bigger although he is pretty much the same. Try this. Go closer to your mirror and do a most muscular pose then step 2-3 steps away and do the same.
Of course in the after photos he is shaved. This is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to producing fake before and after photos. The reason is that when you remove your body hair you instantly look more cut...the muscular definition is increased in minutes. For the very same reason all bodybuilders shave their bodies. In this case it gives the illusion that the guy has more muscle separation when in fact he does not.

Also in the before photos Tim Fake Ferriss is hiding his legs while he is polite enough to show them later. This create an illusion that he is bigger since his legs look like sticks in the before photo due to the shorts hiding them. Great way to look bigger in the after photos. On top of that if you look closer in the before photo his arms are closer to his torso in order to make his lats look smaller. On the other hand he has imaginary lat syndrome in the after photos in order to look more powerful. This is coupled with a different stance as well. In the before photos his feet are pointing straight forward while in the after photos his toes point to the sides in order to expose his adductors and make his legs look bigger.  The adductors are decently big muscles. Big adductors make your legs look like tree trunks. I can go on and on but I think you get the point. Let's get to the fun part now.

The guy claims his shoulders went from 43 inches to 53 inches. In other words he somehow added 9 inches to his shoulders area. I'm sorry but if you add 9 (nine) inches to your shoulders you will look like a flying squirrel. Obviously not the case.

The more impressive data presented by Tim Fake Harris is the fact that he added 4 inches to his legs, 2 to his arms and 4 to his hips (glutes). I don't care who you are but if you believe this kind of mind blowing transformation takes 28 days you better go see a therapist. Similar change takes years of real training and sufficient nutrition intake. To do it in a month is simply impossible.

Another of my favorite parts is how he also lost 3 pounds of fat all while gaining his phenomenal 34 pounds of muscle. Again - IMPOSSIBLE. Nobody on this earth can gain 34 pounds of lean muscle tissue in 28 days WHILE losing any kind of fat. The body needs plenty of nutritional elements in order to grow while you have to reduce what you eat when the goal is fat loss. Both can happen at the same time only if you are taking some sport technology drugs a.k.a steroids or your are as fat as your grandmother to begin with. Otherwise it's physically impossible. Still not convinced?

I got more.

The guy claims that his waist went from 29.5 inches to 33.1 inches. In other words his waist has increased. How can this happen when he lost fat? This is a contradiction. You lose fat but somehow your waist increases. And please don't tell me that he gained muscle. I've been training long enough to know that the last thing that grows are the abs. More on this here.

Tim Ferriss is a fraud in my eyes and his body transformation is fake. On top of it the guy has a book on training. I haven't read it and I won't comment on it but coming from a fraud like him his book is not worth my attention. The guy is no different than Mike Chang and his sixpack shortcut program. Too bad this guys make millions.

If you believe things like that it's time to stop and open your eyes. I wish it was possible to gain 34 pounds of muscle in 28 months but it's not and in this case we have a poor marketing attempt.
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