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Have you been in a situation when a certain picture is not available for download?

It usually happens when you find an image in Google but when you go to the original web-page it turns out that it's been deleted.

Here's a very simple trick that will allow you to have any photo you seen on your screen including images from movies, clips...etc.

Many people don't know about a very useful key - Print Screen. When you press Print Screen Windows automatically takes a picture of your desktop. Later you can edit the image in external editor and cut the unneeded details.

Let's take a picture from a movie trailer on YouTube.

Just press the Print Screen Key (to the right from F12) while watching and paste the picture in external graphic editor such as Paint.Net. In order to paste the print screen picture in Pain.Net you just have the press Ctrl+V after openning a new project file. Since the original document size is smaller than your screen resolution Pain.Net will ask you if you want to expand the original size.

Click on Expand Canvas
You will end up with similar image.
To start using the Rectangle Select tool just press "S" or click on the tool item shown below.
This is it. You know have a new exiting picture. Keep in mind that Paint.Net offers a wide variety of features and this is just the beginning.
The Green Hornet Newspaper Excitement Screenshot
This is my new  photo....
How To Have Any Picture Without Having To Pay For It

by Rusi
Since I want the image from YouTube's player I will just use the Rectangle  Select tool in order to determine this particular portion of the original print screen picture.
Now you just have to select the part of the original print screen image that you want. After that go to Image > Crop To Selection.
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