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Vixy Freecorder 5 - The Best Youtube Downloader So Far
Learn How To Download YouTube Videos Using Mozilla Firefox And VIXY Freecorder 5
Downloading videos from YouTube and other major video sites has never been easier thanks to Vixy Freecorder 5.

Here's how to install the program and start downloading YouTube videos :)
Step 1: Download and Install Vixy Freecorder 5
Select a directory where you would like to install Vixy Freecorder 5. The program is only 10MB.
Choose the program you would like to use with Vixy Freecorder 5 - Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. In this tutorial I'm going to use Mozilla Firefox.
After you click next Mozilla Firefox will open automatically and will ask you if you want to install three Mozilla Firefox Add-ons. Click Install.
Restart Mozilla Firefox.
Step 2: Start Downloading videos.
Note: When Mozilla Firefox re-opens you will notice your new Toolbar. You can remove it if you want by right-clicking on a gray area and deselect it.
Open a video in YouTube
Notice the Download Wizard next to the Subscribe button.

Click on the Arrow and Choose A Format
Choose a location for your new file.
Your download will start in a few seconds...
That's pretty much it.  Keep in mind that you may have to convert the new file.  Do it with AnyVideo Converter.
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