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How To Cut Videos With VLC Media Player Fast And For Free
There is an easy way to cut different video parts using the free media player VLC Player. Here's how to do it.
Step 1: Open VLC Media player and load a movie.  I will use You Got Served: Beat The World for the demonstration :)
Step 2: Enable the Advanced Controls. Go To View > Advanced Controls
Step 3:

Go to the Beginning of the part you would like to cut.

Click the Record button and then the Play Button.

Click the Record button when you want to stop recording.

This is it. You just record the part of the movie you need.
Step 4:  Go To My Documents > My Videos (default video folder) in order to get your new video part. This is the folder where VLC Media player puts the recorded files.

Note: Sometimes there will be slight quality problems and there might be audio/video delay. Usually this does not happen very often.
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