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Added On September 24, 2011
Why P90X Is Better Than Starting Strength

by Rusi
Tony Horton Vs, Mark Rippetoe
P90X and Starting Strength are part of the most popular training programs for beginners. But is one really better than the other? Well, it depends on your goals.

First you need to honestly answer one simple question.

"What are your goals? Why do you want to start training?"

If you your goal is to look good,lose fat and get ripped then you should do P90X. On the other hand if you want to compete in powerlifting or are interested in getting stronger at doing basic barbell exercises you should go for Starting Strength. I think that most people start training in order to improve their overall physique. There is no doubt that P90X is better when it comes to becoming leaner and more athletic. Below are 5 reasons why I think P90X will be a better choice for most people.

1. Starting Strength is an extremely incomplete routine.

Most people will say that it's simple but the truth is that compared to P90X Starting Strength is missing a lot.

In P90X you do cardio, stretching, yoga, plyometrics and so on. At the same time Starting Strength is all about the slow lifts - except for the power clean. There is no stretching, no cardio...just squats. Your overall fitness level will be much higher and complete on P90X.

2. P90X is around 100 times better for losing some serious bodyfat.

Sorry but you won't lose much weight doing squats for 3 sets of 5 - doesn't matter how heavy it is. There are much more efficient ways to lose fat and one of them is P90X.

3.The diet behind Starting Strength is pure bro-science.

Rippetoe recommends 6000 calories for the skinny boys. Ok. I will just tell you that at his heaviest (around 300 pounds of pure muscle) Dorian Yates consumed 6000 calories. So, guess what. You will only get fat following that dietary "advice". A guy who is 150 pounds doesn't need 6000 calories to gain weight. Period. Not to mention that most skinny people are actually skinny-fat. They are skinny and weak but their actual bodyfat is high. The GOMAD idea is just plain stupid.

4. You will get visible abs doing P90X.

The Rippetoe lovers will say that visible abs are not the most important thing. However the truth is that everybody would love to have a six-pack. I would rather look like Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, than Rippetoe. At least he looks like he knows where the local gym and does not have a beer gut.

5. You can do P90X at home and save some money from the gym membership.

You will argue that this is not a plus and maybe you are right if you have good training partners but many people get screwed with some annual memberships and so on.

Both P90X and Starting Strength are decent programs but P90X will be the better choice in most cases. Let's face it most people want to get in shape and their squat and deadlift numbers come second. The moves presented by Tony Horton are not easy by any means but they will increase your overall athletic level more than a heavy squat. (send your hate e-mails to

I know some of you will hate me for saying this but strength training is not panacea. There is more to fitness than heavy weights. In order to be a better athlete you have to also work on agility, dynamic strength, coordination, speed, flexibility, endurance, specific skill training and so on. And there is no doubt that P90X offers more of that compared to Starting Strength. On top of that I personally like the before and after results of P90X more than the pictures of skinny-fat dudes who did Starting Strength and now claim they've gained 30 pounds of muscle in 3 months which is 100% impossible. However Starting Strength is the a very good routine for aspiring beginner powerlifters and is a
much better program than Stronglifts.
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