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Alt Codes: The Unknown Windows Symbols

/How To Write "Squared" And Other Symbols in Windows?/

by Rusi
Most people don't know but there is a way to write a lot of symbols that are not visible on your keyboard. I'm talking about the rarely used symbols such as , , , , , , ...etc.

Actually it's quite easy to do. Obviously there are no similar keys on most keyboards and in order to write the symbols we are going to use key combinations.

Let's get started...

Open your favorite document editor and enter some of the following codes depending on the symbols you are looking for:

Alt key + 0178 for   Square sign
Alt + 0128 for        Euro currency
Alt + 0131 for        Dutch Florin
Alt + 0174 for       Registered symbol
Alt + 0153 for     Trademark
Alt + 0169 for      Copyright symbol
Alt + 0167 for       Section symbol
Alt + 0247 for       Division sign
Alt + 0137 for     Per Mille (1/1000th)
Alt + 0176 for      Degree symbol
Alt + 0177 for       Plus/Minus
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